We regularly receive enquiries as to whether we produce baits for species other than for carp. Several of our baits have proven to be totally outstanding for other species, so to help you narrow your choices down Shaun has listed some of the baits here that have really stood out.

Barbel – Special Crab, Rahja Spice and Absolute Seafood have all produced countless double figure Barbel and I would be happy to turn up on any river armed with either of these. I have personally caught doubles on all three.



Bream – We don’t have many customers buying our boilies to target bream but the few who do appear to swear by the lovely  heavy cream smelling Magnum White and they have found them to work instantly, particularly in the 10mm size with a few 15mm’s broken up as well.




Catfish – Catfish will come out on a wide range of baits and we have reports of 100lb plus specimens on several of our baits but the one that has stood out so much more than the rest is the Special Crab. The black pepper, garlic and assorted seafood ingredients really do trigger the taste buds of the catfish.



Chub – Definitely without a shadow of doubt Rahja Spice would be my first choice every time. I am lucky to be able to watch the response of different species to our baits and the Rahja triggers the chub the quickest out of all of them. In clear water they appear to be quite aggressive towards it, possibly helped by its red colour I am not sure but one thing is for sure – they love it!




Small Mouth Buffalo (Sucker Fish Family) – When Ron Key and myself first travelled to Texas to have a go for these incredible fish we really didn’t know what to take bait wise so took 6 different baits (three rods each). Now it didn’t take long to see that the bait that really stood out and even totally out fished the local ‘proven bait’ was Fruity Trifle. Pineapple Crush and Rahja Spice also produced numbers of fish but not at the same rate as the Fruity Trifle.


Tench – Our Fruity Trifle seems to have the longest track record with the Tench. It isn’t a species that I have targeted myself with boilies but plenty do and the repeat sales obviously indicate they are doing quite nicely with them. Combined with small amounts of the rapid break down Fruity Trifle Maximum Action Pellets mixed into the feed seems to really give the edge.


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