By Jamie Simpson

I decided to write this piece about one of the hooklink presentations I have been using to good effect this season.  I would recommend the use of this rig on firm bottoms such as sand and gravel, light silt and sparse weed, but not fished in thick weed or heavy silt as I feel the hooklink may sit up off the bottom awkwardly.

Just recently I have started using a lot more combi-link rigs again, and for the life of me I can’t remember why I stopped using them in the first place, perhaps the introduction of the coated braids maybe played a part in this.

With a lot of anglers switching to combi-rigs made by simply stripping coating off the braid I think I may have been a little paranoid that the fish would suss it out and my results would suffer.

I used them almost all the time in the late nineties and I guess I must have either moved onto a venue that I found an alternative more productive, or as I said, become paranoid about their effectiveness with so many other anglers now using a similar type of presentation. Anyway I have been using them quite a lot again this year on a couple of venues and have tweaked them to suit my requirements really well.

I prefer to make mine with a stiff boom and the hooklink material I am most confident in, rather than using a coated braid that I have stripped back. I am not knocking these and I have caught quite a few fish on them, but I just prefer the combination of materials that I will describe below

The components I have been using are 12lb silkworm, 9kg Amnesia, size 6 Rigsbiz series 2 hook, Korda size 8 swivel and Korda shrink tube.

Kryston Silkworm

I cut off around 8ins of silkworm and firstly tie a figure of eight knot for the hair. I then thread this through the eye of the hook and attach it using a no knot knot.




Korda Shrink Tubing

I use the medium size Korda shrink tube in the silt colour and cut off a piece around 4mm in length which I then thread over the silkworm and pull over the eye of the hook and onto the shank. I find that if you use the smaller tubing it is difficult to thread over the eye. It is also a little more durable than the smaller shrink tubing. The silt colour is just a preference thing.


This makes up the boom of the rig and I cut off round 12ins of this. An overhand knot pulled tight trapping the tail of the silkworm, then the silkworm attached with a grinner knot around the amnesia secures the materials together. This is the key part to get the length of the flexible silkworm section the right length. I prefer a flexible length of silkworm of between 20mm and 40mm.



Rigsbiz R2 size 6 hook

This hook has a slightly longer than average shank, an inturned eye and a straight point. It is made of a medium gauge wire. It is not oversized for it’s specified size and is a true size 6.  I would strongly recommend this hook to anyone as I have not had one straighten out on me yet and they are as sharp as they come.


Korda Swivel

A simple figure of eight knot at the desired length finishes off the rig. If you prefer you can use a clip instead of the swivel for quick changing of rigs.


This rig is fairly simple to construct and doesn’t tangle on casting very often.  The components are all obtainable from any decent tackle shop and I got all of mine from Walkers of Trowell except from the hooks which I got direct from Rigsbiz.  If you aren’t happy with your results of late, then why not give it a try?

The finished rig should look something like this.

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