Cristofa Michael asks:

I have a dilemma, my marker rod set up is Korda set up braid strait through, everytime I cast it tangles and doesn’t give me the correct reading of the depth, I’ve tried feathering the cast but it still doesnt seem to work for me. Can you suggest anything I may have to add to the set up to eliminate tangles? I would be ever so grateful!

Shaun Harrison Answers:

Hi Christofa,

This is a common problem when using braid all the way through as the float will regularly wrap around the soft main line during the cast and then be unable to rise to the surface – really frustrating when you have found aninteresting spot but the float won’t lift to give you a casting mark.

Because of this I always use a fluoro Carbon leader on the end of the braid. This totally prevents the tangle problem and if you leave your marker in your swim whilst baiting up etc it is less visible to the fish.
Don’t worry about adding stretch so lessening the ‘feel’ as 20ft will make no noticeable difference on ‘feel’.
Depending upon casting ability (how much power is generated) most anglers will get away with a 20lb leader.

The photo’s show my preferred set-up. Korda Marker, plastic bead, Free Spirit Marker Ring with a sea lead clip attached to collect samples off the bottom – this clip can be removed or covered in silicone tube if I don’t want it to collect bits.

Hope this helps

Best fishes


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