Words by Ron Key:

The French anglers were really patient with our translation attempts.

I’ve just returned from France after attending the Montlucon Carp Show with Quest Baits boss Shaun Harrison.  Montlucon is the biggest show in Europe and possibly the world; with almost 18000 anglers passing through the four halls this weekend. I was there from Friday to Sunday and didn’t manage to visit all the halls.  There’s a massive array of bait and tackle on display with contributors from all over Europe including many from the UK.  Those of you who are used to the UK shows are in for a bit of a shock.  With a champagne reception before the show opened and brass bands and groups and a disco on the Saturday night it’s a refreshing change with a real French flavour.  Many anglers bivvy up and stay for the whole weekend.

Shaun during a rare quiet moment.

In partnership with Carpe Concept we introduced the French carpistes to the range of Quest Baits and for many of them to a uniquely British way of fishing.  Discrete fluorocarbon combi rigs with small hooks, cut down baits, tiny Pimple Pops and small pva mesh bags of crumbed boilie, Maximum Action Pellet and Micro Feed.  The tiny fluorescent Pimple Pops (6-8mm needle friendly pop-ups) created quite stir and flew off the shelves and were the first things we ran out of.

Shaun showing his Magnum White rig which has caught a lot of fish this winter.

Our lack of French was not a problem, a bit of homework translating the names of the baits and ingredients and some frantic arm waving and grunting and I’m sure we got through.   It was great to meet Seb’ and the Carpe Concept team and share some French hospitality, although 34 of us turning up at the Buffalo Grill did almost bring the place to a standstill.

We also introduced the new Quest Bait boilies; Magnum White and the soon to be released Squid Berry.  I’ll be returning to France on an Angling Lines field testing trip at the beginning of April and both of them will certainly be in my bait bag.

The next Montlucon Show is in two years time and it’s certainly worth considering for a completely different weekend break.  Maybe see you there next time

Cheers Ron


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