The biggest of a cracking morning – 14lb 2oz

With the start of the ‘traditional’ coarse fishing season almost upon us I thought I would mention something I picked up whilst fishing a big pit some years ago.

The venue I was fishing was the best part of 200 acres and had a very low fish population (both bream and carp). Because of the low stocking levels the bream were all large fish (nearly all over 10lb) and the fishing was obviously difficult. But this sort of venue suits me down to the ground, as they get very little angling pressure with most anglers giving up quite quickly, which leads to some very quiet unspoilt fishing.

For the first couple of months I took the traditional route (for bream) of baiting up fairly consistently/heavily with ground bait / corn/ maggots etc. I did catch a couple of big bream this way (including what was then a lake record of 12lb 2oz), but I wasn’t really happy with my results.

Because of the relatively low stocking levels the bream didn’t go around in big shoals (has they do when there are lots of smaller bream in a lake), so I had a feeling that by feeding the ‘stodgy’ type cereal / crumb ground baits, I could be filling the fish up too quickly and therefore not getting the best results whilst fishing. continue reading…