Question from Callum:

Now this may seem a little odd, but I was wondering, which bait would you consider to be the best for bream and tench?

I know there are the classics such as maggot, caster, sweet corn, hemp etc but are there any boilies you could recommend?  There are a lot of roach and rudd that constantly plague me if I use any of the baits above!

What would you recommend?

Shaun Harrison Answers:

Hi Callum,

Without hesitation I would steer you towards either the Magnum White or the  Fruity Trifle. Both have caught plenty over the years and should deter the Roach and Rudd. The Magnum White is a rich Cream flavour coloured white and the Fruity Trifle is a blend of summer fruits and cream and coloured red. They are both available in either 10mm, 15mm or 20mm but I would avoid the 20 mm’s unless you only want to target the larger specimens and put the smaller bream and tench off.

Hope this helps
Best wishes



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