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Latest catch reports from anglers using Quest Baits

A little bird told me to use Questrami - The Jewel in the Pool Jun 2017

It was whilst preparing my bait mid week by giving them a drink to be soft enough and ready for angling the following week-end. that I happened to notice a blackbird coming and helping itself to a ...

Name: Shaun Harrison Venue: Undisclosed
Once again proving just how instant the Rahja Spice is! May 2017

Finally 'dusted' my carp rods off, for the first time this year. A short afternoon/evening session on a lake I had never fished before. It took me over an hour and a half to find a couple of clear ...

Name: Pat Gillett Venue: Un-disclosed
Big Moon Carp on the Magnum White's May 2017

Hi Shaun, a week in Slovenia with Magnum White...19kg mirror and 17kg and 22kg common...Thanks- Lukas Jira (Czech rep.)

Name: Lukáš Jíra Venue: Undisclosed - Slovenia
Magnum White and Chilli Chocolate Blend yet again! May 2017

Shaun, The best fish from a recent French trip was this 58 lb 8 oz Mirror caught on a balanced 20 mm Magnum White snowman with half a pop up as a topper over a bed of mixed 20 mm Magnum White and ...

Name: Les Bolland Venue: Undisclosed
Rahja Spice and Questrami Doing the Business May 2017

We had 56 carp, 10 forties, 24 thirties and 22 twenties. Rahja Spice and Questrami doing the business.

Name: Andy Smith Venue: Alders Lake