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Absoloute Seafood

I had wanted a fish meal bait in the range that was totally safe to use during the cold winter months, something that the fish would be able to pass through readily and something that didn’t have its attraction masked in cold water the same as many other fish based baits do.

The knock on effect of this is that Absolute Seafood is an incredibly instant in attract bait during the warmer months too, although that was never a surprise as we still use essential oils and some of the incredible fish stimulating ingredients as we do in our higher priced ranges, which won us the Carpology independent tank tests two years running. This one is a great choice for quick short sessions when the time to fully establish a bait is not an option.

The price is lower on this one as we have increased the amount of some of the readily digestible and flavour release ingredients whilst lowering the amount of some of the other ingredients. The barbel also get totally turned on by the Absolute Seafood. Ron Key’s first session with it was just a short 4 hour afternoon session which produced 6 barbel to 11lb 4oz and that was during February on the River Trent . There were four other anglers fishing the same stretch and none of the others had a bite! Need we say more?

Following on from this first catch of Barbel to Ron the Absolute Seafood has really stood out over these last couple of summers as a truly exceptional barbel bait. For hook baits I have been trimming the 15mm’s down into a stubby carrot shape then leaving them in a small tub to soak up some of the Absolute Seafood Glug. This has resulted in a constant stream of double figure barbel for me as well as fish on Special Crab hook baits soaked in the same Absolute Seafood Glug. Ignore the price tag, this is a truly exceptional bait.

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