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A little bird told me to use Questrami - The Jewel in the Pool

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Date: Jun 2017

Venue: Undisclosed

Name: Shaun Harrison

It was whilst preparing my bait mid week by giving them a drink to be soft enough and ready for angling the following week-end. that I happened to notice a blackbird coming and helping itself to a few baits. I looked at the black bird, looked at the size of it's belly and decided it could have as many as it felt it needed for itself and young in the garden.

18880227 1375760522460849 7479542504550025178 oThe containers had a mixture of baits soaking up liquid as is my usual baiting approach and it soon became apparent that the little bird was choosing Questrami each time despite having a choice of different boilies in each container. Never being one to want to miss a sign from nature I logged this and naturally used Questrami hook baits on my next trip. I'm glad I did, I caught the jewel in the pool.
IMG 0187 Copy


Thanks to the blackbird.

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