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Rahja Spice Freezer Baits sorted them out

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Date: Jun 2017

Venue: Local Still Water

Name: Mark Harrison and Iain Harlow

Whilst waiting for the rivers to open up, I've spent about 6 weeks from the end of April with Iain Harlow chasing the carp in a local water and landed a few nice ones to 26 lb 3 oz using Rahja Spice freezer baits.

After a bit of marker work we identified likely fish holding areas and started to introduce small amounts of bait on a regular basis to get the carp feeding confidently. After my first visit, and after a good fish lost to a hook pull, a small rig change was made and everything came together, an upper double common came first followed by a 25 lb 10 oz mirror on a quick afternoon session.

17lb 9oz


25lb 10oz


26lb 3oz


22lb 1oz


16lb 8oz


15lb 13oz


23lb 4oz


24lb 11oz


3 days later and a 26 lb 3 oz mirror graced the net. 5 x 20 lb'ers and 3 upper doubles in a 6 week period of quick half day sessions was a definite result for us. We also had quite a few big tench and a few bream too. Lovely quiet day only water with some pristine fish that really fight hard.

We picked the Rahja Spice because it's a little bit different from what else is available out there and must say, we've got every confidence in using it again.





Mark Harrison

Iain Harlow

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