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10 Days to the Glorious 16th

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 6 June 2011 |

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local 2In just 10 days time we can once again wet a line on the vast river system of this country. I for one am thankful we still retain a 3 month close season on our rivers to give both the fish a break and chance to spawn in peace as well as for the river banks to get on with repairing them selves and re-growing foliage.

I have been spending a lot of time this last week walking the rivers and have found some lovely surprises swimming around unmolested in their environment. The river systems of this country are some of the few places it is possible to find your own little bit of heaven. With so many anglers seemingly losing interest in flowing water in favour of what are in many cases heavily stocked still waters our rivers are starting to be neglected when it comes down to angling pressure. Yes, I know some stretches are flogged to death but for the angler prepared to do a little exploratory work then it doesn’t take too long to find decent angling possibilities away from the maddening crowd.

Whilst we have been so starved of rain I have been able to view swims and fish much easier than I have known before and have been feeding a few chub and barbel this last week. The information gained from being able to see into the swim will prove so highly valuable later in the season when the colour and floods return. I have found a few bits I had been unaware of before which absolutely scream out for a bait to be lowered in when the river is in flood.

Local River 1With a little wet weather forecast this week and next, its possibly been my last chance of seeing the river in its water short skeletal state.

I now know both the Chub and the barbel are loving the Ghurkka Spice and Rahja Spice I have been feeding them so no worries about my bait or location when the season starts. All I need worry about now is not spooking them and presenting the hook bait in a manner they will accept.

My none fishing time has been put to great use and I have discovered more this last week about a new stretch I am going to fish than I would over a long period whilst actually fishing. If you haven’t checked out your usual spots whilst the river is low I urge you to go and look. You may just surprise yourself what a productive exercise it could be.

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