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What is Rock Pool Rahja we are about to release?

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 22 April 2021 |

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I have been mentioning Rock Pool Rahja in my writing since last summer and quite naturally, several have been asking for more information about it, so as we are almost ready to launch it (once we can get it all loaded onto the website) I thought I would tap a few words out about it.

I must be honest, Rock Pool Rahja was a name I had written on my white board above my desk for several years and when we finally had to drop Special Crab from the range, due to issues obtaining certain ingredients, my mind naturally started to look toward something to take its place and the Rock Pool Rahja name could finally be scrubbed from my white board.
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Naturally, several of the ingredients used in Special Crab were carried over because they are so well proven, but then other ingredients were brought to the party as well. Everyone who has followed my writing, the pod casts and my social media posts over the years will know the absolute faith I store in certain spice blends, get them right and some work exceptionally well within carp baits.

It has also been well documented that since starting to carp fish in the late 70’s I had only used seafood/fishy type baits in my own angling for 2 summers. I always tried to steer my own course rather than what seems the norm’. Yet here I am in my 44th year of catching carp and I am entering my 4th summer using seafood/fish-based baits. The Rock Pool Rahja was so kind to me last year that I was straight back onto it after this last lock-down and again the carp have responded exceptionally well to it from the off on the waters I have taken it to. Cold frosty starts to the day and warm bright afternoons with high air pressure has hardly been great feeding conditions, but the Rock Pool Rahja has triggered them from the off yet again.
DSC 4655 CopyThe spices that have gone into this blend are the most complex that have ever gone into a Quest Baits boilie, plus 8 different seafood/fish ingredients, along with my favourite bird food ingredients, plus crushed seeds, and binding products. Even with counting the spice blend as one ingredient we still have 20 different ingredients in there. It is a far cry from the 10 oz base mixes we all knocked together when I made my very first boilies all those years ago. But years of experience have shown that lots of subtle and differing food signals emitting from a baited patch has got my bobbins moving much more often than relying on just 2 or 3 main ingredients.
DSC 4657 CopySo, there is a brief explanation of where it came from and what it is. Along with the boilies we are also releasing a new product called ‘Overcoat’. Again, anyone following my writing etc over the years will know that it is rare I use dry boilies preferring to get a little liquid soaked into them first to open their pores which in turn allows the important sealed in ingredients to start working much quicker. I have been quite vague over the years of exactly what I have used to give my boilies a drink as it has varied a lot. Sometimes the juice from freshly cooked hemp and sometimes simply diluted glugs to thin them down for faster penetration. Sometimes just spring water on its own. The overcoats which will be available for the other boilies too will do this job for you without you having to experiment with your own liquids.

Best fishes
Shaun Harrison.

About the Author: Shaun Harrison

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Quest Baits boss Shaun Harrison has put over 40 years of experience into developing his range of carp baits ” This bait range is the culmination of the bait knowledge I’ve gained throughout my carp fishing career, a journey which started in the 1970’s. It has truly been a long and winding road – frustrating at times, fascinating and rewarding at others….. Our range you’ll only find proven baits, the ones I use myself 

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