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What Size Lead for Maximum Range?

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 23 November 2015 |

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Hi Shaun,

I’ve currently got the Freespirit XS rods. I’m fishing a lake at present which involves a fair chuck. What weight lead can I get away with?


Lee Nichols

Shaun Answered: 


IMG 70782

Which one will suit your casting style?

Shaun Answered: 

Hi Lee,

I found 3 1/2′s went best for me on my X.S. but I did occasionally use 4oz in big side winds. It depends a lot on the individuals casting style. In ideal conditions (no strong cross wind) then 3 1/2oz suited my casting style for maximum range although I know Mark Hutchinson gets more out of them with lighter – it all comes down to how much you can compress the rod against the lead and then the rod being able to spring back quick enough. 

One thing I usually do when trying new rods out and doesn’t take long is something I would strongly urge you to do and that is to get yourself a 3oz a 3 1/2oz and a 4oz lead then starting with the 3 cast as far as you can. Tie a pole elastic marker on your line, wind in and repeat this 3 times tying a fresh marker on if you cast further removing the original as you wind in. Repeat this with the 3 1/2 and then the 4 and you will soon see which size suits your rod for your style of casting.

IMG 70771

My X.S.

Similarly you may be surprised how much difference certain types and shape of lead make as well. It is a simple test which can reveal so much.

Hope this helps

Best fishes


About the Author: Shaun Harrison

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