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Why two different baits?

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 16 November 2016 |

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DSC 0734On 7 November 2016 at 09:52, info <> wrote:

Hi David,

Thanks for the kind words. You won’t go far wrong from now onward with either the Rahja Spice or the Magnum White. Both have caught consistently well for me over many years.

They are the two I will continue to be using myself this winter along with a tub of Fruity Trifle Pimple Pops as an alternative over the top. 

Hope this helps. I do like to have two baits on the go and then cut to just one if the other is totally out performing. 

Best wishes

Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2016 8:03 PM
To: info
Subject: Re: Bait

Hi Shaun

I can see your logic for using the two baits and having one available over the other in differing circumstances but cannot get my head around using two different baits at the same time, personally; perhaps this will change in time.

I have therefore, after much deliberation, decided to go with the one bait for now and have placed an order for the Magnum White.

Looking forward to receiving it and giving the carp a treat.

All the best.


On 16th November 2016 at 09:44, info <> wrote:

Hi there,

Be it colour attraction, differing food signals emitting or whatever. Basically my indicators move more with different foods in the swim. Possibly it is as simple as not every fish being turned on by the same food, but once stimulated to eat, everything is generally cleared.

I used to struggle to get my dog to eat at times, put something else in her bowl and she would start to have a bit of a munch and then continue to eat everything.

I have seen it time and time again where an angler has done incredibly well on a water but failed to catch the fish they really hoped for. Then a change of bait and the hoped for fish slips up. Simple case of the fish wasn’t particularly attracted to the bait that most of the other fish had been.

I’ve had another classic example in my own angling these past couple of years. I started to fish a water which has basically 4 different strains of carp in varying stock levels. 50% of these are mostly commons with a sprinkling of mirrors from very old breed  English parentage. Last year I was fortunate enough to be the most successful angler on there in terms of the amount of carp landed during the period I spent there, yet I never caught any of those fish which make up for 50% of the stock.

IMG 3456This year I totally changed my bait and moved on to using the Rahja Spice as the main feed and Questrami blended in, albeit it smaller amounts but still very evident in my baited areas. Again I have been fortunate and landed more fish than anyone else this season and amazingly out of around 25 fish I've landed, 50% of them have been the strain of carp that didn’t want last years bait, yet the other strains loved it.

IMG 20160829 111452Sometimes, I just get on with doing it rather than try and understand it, but the biggest teacher for me is moving indicators. We can theorise for ever more, but indicators moving regularly paint a pretty true picture.

I'm not sure I have answered anything, but I have found over the years that even the best baits aren’t necessarily attractive to all fish, yet if you get them feeding, they will eat most things. It is just stimulating that ‘want to, need to  feed’ which is the most important part in my mind and having a few differing signals in my swim i feel help to achieve this.

There have been some outstanding combinations in our range. 

Magnum White and Chilli Chocolate
Rahja Spice and Questrami

To name but two.

Best wishes


About the Author: Shaun Harrison

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Quest Baits boss Shaun Harrison has put over 40 years of experience into developing his range of carp baits ” This bait range is the culmination of the bait knowledge I’ve gained throughout my carp fishing career, a journey which started in the 1970’s. It has truly been a long and winding road – frustrating at times, fascinating and rewarding at others….. Our range you’ll only find proven baits, the ones I use myself 

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