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Chilli Chocolate

Chilli Chocolate. Now it’s funny how things go. I had been sourcing totally different ingredients when I stumbled across two of the items in Chilli Chocolate which straight away I really liked... and early trials indicated the carp definitely did too. The ingredients weren’t particularly suitable for what I was working on at the time but it so happens that I had another project on the go where I was talking to a flavour company about producing something utilising a couple of ‘special ingredients’ I had requested. Suddenly everything married up and before I knew it we had Chilli Chocolate boilies.

Open the bag and you get that lovely rich chocolate smell. Bite into the bait and a distinct chocolate taste starts to mingle with the subtle fish base, followed by a slight chilli bite which the carp simply love.

I have had a right job over the years getting our long term Quest Baits Team Member Ron Key off of the Chilli Chocolate, he loves it and it has become his ‘essential bait’ for all his regular trips he takes to France whilst field testing different venues for Angling Lines Holiday’s. Ron has to come up with the goods every trip and puts his faith in Chilli Chocolate to help him do just this. Chilli Chocolate has a light fish meal content but no added bulk oils which makes it suitable for use all year long.

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