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Fruity Trifle

Fruity Trifle is the oldest bait in our range and has caught me more fish than any other bait in our range yet strangely enough these days I rarely use it as my main feed bait!

I have done so well with just have a small handful mixed into any other bucket of bait and then fish it as alternative hook bait amongst a baited patch of something else.

The base mix goes right back to the late 80’s to a bait I continued to use all through the 90’s. Over the years there have been one or two ingredients emerge that I have felt were better than the originals used so they have been substituted, but basically this was in development for around 20 years before it came into the Quest Baits list!

Fruity Trifle is a complex blend of summer fruits mixed with a rich cream which makes it very car, bivvy and missus friendly.

Nothing has been skimped on this fruity delight and by combining top quality essential oils with a highly nutritious digestible base, you have something the carp keep coming back for time and time again. Even after all these years it is very rare you will see me carp angling during the winter without Fruity Trifle being on at least one rod.

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