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Ghurkka Spice

Ghurkka Spice is a bait of total self-indulgence. I know I should not have a favourite, but if I had to choose a favourite, then I guess this would be it. When Quest Baits was first launched in 2005 the first comments I had was that the baits were too soft. The baits were all made exactly as I liked them, not too hard. But being one to listen to my audience it was a simple job to up the Whey Protein Concentrate and Egg Albumin to toughen them up a little without affecting the taste. Once this was done, no more complaints and everyone was happy. Ghurkka Spice is purposely made a little softer than the others in the range. I told you I had been self indulgent! It was also to prove a point to those misinformed who seem to think that all none preservative shelf life baits have to be hard and dried out – this one isn’t!

The first choice of several of my Quest Baits Team, Lee Wheeler in particular I think would be horrified if we ever stopped producing Ghurkka Spice. Long term Quest Baits user Elie Godsi switched over to it last season on a rather difficult venue and had an amazing season on it.

This is very different to the Rahja Spice bait being based upon a Tai Green recipe utilising only natural ingredients. The bulk of the base comprises of 4 different types of ground nut with some very special Essential Oils, Anchovy Extract and a rich creamy coconut finish. Ghurkka spice is yet another true 4 season mix which again appears to work everywhere right from the off, from prolific runs waters like Drayton reservoir throught to the hardest of venues like the one Elie tackled last year.

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