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Magnum Duo

Magnum Duo is exactly the same as the Magnum White but half of the boilies in the bag are produced in dark brown giving a lovely contrast of colour on the bottom that the carp definitely find visually appealing but also gives you the chance of ringing the changes with hook bait colour from the same bag as well as helping to blend the bait in more if the bird life are being a problem. White often blends into a gravel bottom and brown will obviously stand out less on silt and mud.

The contrast came about from my repeated writings over the years about my love of mixing flavours and colours of boilies in the same baiting situation. This was an easy option from my old method of producing the same bait in several colours then mixing them together. I no longer had the time to do this so started choosing different flavours to gain the mixed colour scenario and it still worked so well and better than baiting with just one colour and one flavour. I see so few people doing this and it struck me that possibly the expense of buying lots of different baits could put a few off trying the method so on the back of the brown Chilli Chocolate working superbly fished in conjunction with the Magnum White I decided to supply the Magnum Duo as an easy step and confidence boost towards mixing bait.

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