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Magnum Maple

Maple was never a secret carp attracting aroma and taste in the 80’s it was too successful to be. Maple, strawberry, cream and the inevitable Tutti Frutti flavoured boilies were the main baits people went back to when going through a lean time and in need of a confidence boost. Everyone knew they caught carp, but then came the flood of different bait company’s and the fish meal explosion. Slowly along the way some of the old classic combinations of flavours and accompanying stimulators, enhancers and essential oils were forgotten about. Indeed the newer generation coming into our pastime were never really brought up or taught about the many incredible boilies that weren’t based on fish meals.

Move on 30 years from when that type of bait was starting to be forgotten about, add to it some next century finds, blend them into the incredibly successful and highly digestible Magnum base mix and you have something very special indeed.

There are lots of maple type products out there in our food chain. Maple is what I like to call a ‘bivvy friendly smell’. Some of these products the fish appear to be stimulated by a lot more than others. But after discarding several, we have put together a rather special combination. A lovely long lingering aroma that sticks on your fingers when you break a few baits up, this is something we have found common in a lot of really successful baits.

Magnum Maple is definitely a true 12 month of the year catching bait, totally safe to feed in the colder months with no worries about the carp struggling to digest it thus putting them off the feed for long periods. Fished on its own it works great or combine it with the cream that is Magnum White and you have two baits that complement each other superbly.