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Magnum White

This bait just gets better and better and soon replaced the bait I used to use to judge all other baits against. Originally I was singing about its incredible winter catching qualities, but now several years on I would have been happy not looking at another bait again. This one as the name suggests is a dull white colour which in itself is a natural visual stimulant. Like it or not carp eat what comes out of both ends of a bird. White is a naturally occurring colour that spells food to carp. Ever wondered why bread is usually accepted from the off on waters that have never seen it before? Well now you know. Add a few extra bits that get on the carps taste buds, along with a taste they struggle to leave alone and you are left with something very attractive indeed.

What I find interesting is the amount of big commons that keep falling to this bait. I think I know why but it is certainly not something my customers or indeed myself are complaining about. If you want to be totally different to all those fish meal users, this is your answer. Cream baits were some of the most successful baits everyone wanted to be on in the early 80’s but many have forgotten that. It is little wonder really why this bait came out as the most attractive boilie to carp in the 2012 Carpology Monster Tank Test when put up against 11 different bait companies’ boilies!

This independent test was carried out by James Anderson B.S.c. (Hons). The carp chose their favourite – what more can we say? This is our biggest selling bait and the only way you get ‘biggest selling’ is anglers catching lots and continuing to buy it.

Since I first came up with this bait it has been with me everywhere, it's the best winter bait I have ever used as well as being a 'must take' for my overseas trips. From the freezing winters of the U.K. to the scorching summer temperatures of Italy, Magnum White has given me a constant stream of carp.

Shaun Harrison. 

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