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Rahja Spice

Rahja Spice was a bait I originally put together for my own angling on the famous Mangrove Swamp, long before Quest Baits was born. I had made it originally to compliment and to fish over Chillied hemp which was still very much on the secret list back then. I would be happy fishing with Rahja Spice anywhere in the world at any time of the year. It has been my first choice so many times, particularly on waters that have either seen everything or those that have never seen a boilie before. This was my first choice when I travelled over to Texas to try for the carp and Small Mouthed Buffalo in the depths of winter and it certainly didn’t let me down, on waters that had definitely never seen anything like it before. It was our biggest selling bait for around 6 years on the trot and as I wrote about our latest biggest seller Magnum White you only get big selling baits by people repeatedly doing well on them and repeatedly buying them.

The big fish at Laroussi in France have repeatedly slipped up to the Rahja Spice so being caught on it doesn’t stop them wanting to keep eating it. Unfortunately the buying public demands that I continue to use and develop new baits, so I can never sit back and use what I know works everywhere. If I could, I possibly wouldn’t have bothered to have continued to develop anything else. The smell, taste and attractors in this bait come from my love of cooking and contain the same natural herbs and spices I use in the kitchen when making Indian my own Indian curries. Rahja Spice is a proven recipe for us and a proven recipe for the carp, not to mention the barbel and chub!

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