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Special Crab

Special Crab has been in our range since day one. Carp and Barbel accept it instantly as a food source from the moment they first come across it, (so no need for any pre baiting like all our other baits) which is why it has always been our biggest seller with anglers travelling to France.

Special Crab is the only bait in the range I steer people away from during the cold winter months. Carp will still eat it but there are much better cold water baits to choose from within our range that the fish can digest more easily. Yet come the warmer water conditions of the Spring, Summer and Autumn, this bait certainly takes some beating with lake records and multiple catches tumbling to it time and time again. A massive seller over the years and the number one choice for a lot of travelling anglers who know that the carp accept this as a food source from the moment they come across it.

The low temperature treated fish meals, pure salmon oil and that lovely fresh crab aroma and black pepper, garlic and caviar back tastes really put this bait head and shoulders above so many others with a similar name out there. This one has always been amongst our 3 biggest selling baits in the range over the past 10 years.

Special Crab has been the first choice for long term Quest Baits team member Pat Gillett for his barbel angling for years now and has caught him double figure fish from many different rivers, not to mention the carp on his carp sessions as well. Check out Pat’s many Blogs on our website and you will see just how effective the Special Crab is.

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