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Chilli/Rahja Hemp

I first started using Chilli Hemp around the turn of the century and it took me a long while to get the dosages of chilli right. I soon found that it was very easy to go over the top with the chilli. Too much and you would end up with a swim full of fish but they would not seem to want to eat it, not until it had diluted down a little. I guess the carp are like us, some have a higher tolerance level of hot spicy food than others, so some will always feed. But get that level right and they will all feed on it.

Once I had the right amounts sorted, the catches I made over it were incredible. In fact, the fish on the Mangrove were so turned on by it that eventually I made a boilie to fish over the chilli hemp with. That boilie is now known as Rahja Spice.

You don’t need to pile loads in when fishing over hemp, in fact it can go against you if you do as the fish start to get preoccupied on the tiny grains rather than the larger hook bait offerings you may be including.  Hemp has amazing pulling properties in its own right, but add the spices at the correct amount and it takes it to a whole new level.

Although I originally made the Rahja for fishing over this, all the other boilies in our range will work well over it.