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Archie Braddock's Additives

We are delighted to announce the re-introduction of these outstanding feed inducing powders. I sold them myself for years whilst working at Walkers of Trowell and the feedback we used to get was nothing short of amazing. Unfortunately the bait side of things was very much a side line for Archie and when he decided to retire he stopped manufacture of his powders - much to the disappointment of many. Whilst I was at Walkers we purchased all his remaining powder blends, such was the popularity of them, but they didn’t last long!

After a chance conversation with Archie I brought up the subject of his spice blends and to cut a long story short he agreed to pass his recipe books on to us at Quest so we could once again make these very special and highly effective blends available to the angler.

So, for the first time for a few years you are once again able to enjoy the feed inducing qualities of...

Supaspice – Roach, Perch, Tench and Chub.
Xotic Spice – Perch, Roach, Bream and Barbel
Mega Spicy – Barbel, Chub and Bream
Sugar and Spice – Bream and most other species, a great all rounder.

Directions for Use
Summer: Add 15g or 3 heaped teaspoons to 350g of Groundbait or 570ml (1 pint) of maggots
Winter: Can be increased up to double the recommended Summer Level
This Additive can also be used at the same levels in:-
• Maggots, Pinkies and Squatts to add colour and flavour
• Leam or peat to increase attraction without increasing feed
• Chopped worm and its carrier to add pulling power
• Seeds and particles soaked and cooked in to enhance the taste and flavour
• Paste and Boilie mixes to give true powers of attraction