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Questrami came about from my frustrations of having to drop Surf ‘N’ Turf and Liver B8 from our range due to sales figures not being high enough to warrant warehouse space. Both were truly exceptional baits, both favourites of mine but for some reason they never really took off. However the Liver B8 had a great track record of sorting out the better fish and was the best barbel bait I had used. The Surf ‘N’ Turf dominated a few waters and was the most successful bait I ever used at Grenville, but if the public didn’t want them...

It had played on my mind for some time. Both baits had a couple of exceptional additives exclusive to themselves that weren’t being used in any of my other baits. Out of curiosity I knocked up a simple bait with what I felt were the most important parts of the Surf ‘N’ turf and the Liver B8. As soon as that first mix was put together I knew I was onto something rather special. My fish at home ripped part of my pool up whilst rooting for more.

I then started to play around with the base mix, once I knew the stimulators worked together and Questrami was soon born. Basically it is a blend of the important parts of the Liver B8 and the Surf ‘N’ Turf with other bits too. They were very good in those baits and combined they are exceptional. As an added bonus, just like the Liver B8 was, Questrami has proven to be an incredible barbel bait too!

Following is a quick breakdown of the bulk ingredients. I'm not going to give this breakdown for every bait we sell, but have done here so that you can see my 40 years of making bait has moved on a long way from a lot of baits out there on sale which rely on a nice angler catching flavour adding to a couple of simple flours that will hold together and roll into balls. Our baits are actual food baits. Not simple flavour carriers. Put into easy to understand terms. You can make pasta smell and taste lovely, but it will never replace a proper plate full of meat and vegetables. 

Micronised meals
High grade liver powder
Meat and bone meal
Toasted seeds
Meat enhancers
Liquid liver
Blend of yeasts
Whole egg
Egg albumin

Plus a couple of other bits I will keep close to my chest as they aren't usually used in the bait world.


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