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Viewing entries posted in 2022

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Shaun Harrison's May 2022 Diary Blog


April had been a month of real mixed emotion after the passing of my father, but some incredible fish graced my net. This month started with Dad's funeral; the non-religious service was conducted in an excellent manner. Yes, I had written most of it, but it was delivered very well. John commented that at around 45 minutes it was the longest eulogy he had ever read out and had told me before the service that he was really looking forward to this one, which I took as a pat on my back. We had corresponded a fair bit over the weeks leading to it. There was the odd chuckle in the right places from those in attendance as well as the odd bout of tears. I was proud that those who turned up had turned up to say their final goodbyes to Dad. Finally, our lives could return to some sort of normality, despite the huge hole left for those closest to dad.

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 31 May 2022 | Comments Tags: , , , , Read the full post

Is it really what they want?


Is it really what they want?

At times, this is something we all need to ask ourselves to make sure those fish keep ending up in the landing net. It is all so easy to keep banging away with the same methods, baits and baiting strategies simply because they were working so well a few weeks back. It is all too easy to keep doing the same thing and simply accepting blank sessions because the fish which showed, just weren’t up for it. I fall into the trap myself, when I get things right and seem to be catching consistently, I sometimes find it difficult to know when to change things again. Comfort zones will always be zones difficult to step out of.

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 18 May 2022 | Comments Tags: , , Read the full post

Shaun Harrison's April 2022 Diary Blog

2022 04 26 1 Copy Copy

Again, it is with very mixed feelings I tap these words out. April saw me with so many different mixed emotions. I had intense sadness, but also lots of pick me ups as well.

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 10 May 2022 | Comments Tags: , , Read the full post

Spring Equinox and a change of tactic

Last Spring

With the weekend of the spring equinox approaching, the water temperatures are well and truly rising. Yes, we had a frost overnight here at my Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire border home, but with daylight minutes almost matching the minutes of darkness the underwater world is gradually warming again and so are the carp which means they automatically become much more active. Being cold blooded they are totally driven by water temperature and now it is warming, their metabolism is increasing. More ground covered and more energy used, thus the need to start to hunt out more food than they have needed to these past few months. This is the time of the year my usual winter methods start to make room for my spring approach.


Posted by Shaun Harrison on 15 March 2022 | Comments Tags: , , , , , Read the full post