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Viewing entries posted in 2024

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Shaun Harrison Another 'Catch Up' Blog.

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Well, after a winter on a rather busy water, where I was reluctant to admit to catching much, I must say it is nice to be back on my other waters, where morals are higher and there is less problem with actually admitting to catching the odd one.

Fortunately, most of the winter fish were feeding in the dark, at quite unsocial times, so it was easier to keep quiet about the few captures I had. I showed a mid-30 common as I had been seen playing that one at first light and indeed, it’s difficult to convince people you are never catching anything. Don’t get me wrong, I did struggle a little more than previous winters and felt I was rather unfortunate with the average size of the fish I was catching, but even those, I felt best to simply not mention. This particular venue had backed up my theories I have had for many years. The more bait going in, the worse most lakes fish during the winter. When I practically had it to myself in the colder months, it was much easier to keep them feeding with just a trickle of bait. But, one person feeding the wrong type of winter food and it makes it difficult for all. Unfortunately, carp will eat most things, but with most anglers presuming their bait will be easily digested in cold water, rather than actually knowing. This can lead to long periods with the carp not needing to feed, as their intestine which is much longer than them (they don’t have a stomach), becomes clogged. I make no apologies for writing similar every single year. If just a few more took note, the fishing would be better for all, simply because the carp would be needing to feed more.

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 6 June 2024 | Comments Tags: , , Read the full post

Catch up time - long, long overdue

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Yes, I know I have let these blog posts slip by the wayside, this one is so very much overdue, and I have no other excuses than my illness.

My last blog post was warning of tick bites and the nasty affects that Lymes Disease can have on you. Here I am, over half a year later and still quite ill.