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East Delph Lakes

DSC 0380

Well, I found myself unexpectantly fishing a match this last week-end. Now that isn't usually my scene at all but my swim name I liked.

111 Copy

I much prefer swim names than numbers.

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 7 July 2021 | Comments Tags: , , , Read the full post

My Post Spawning Method's

IMG 20210613 135530

Back in the 90's I found a way of catching some difficult carp which were pre-occupied on fish spawn. To this day I have continued to turn back to it at this time of the year simply because it still works and works well.

Shaun Harrison's May 2021 Diary

May 2021

Bits from my May 2021 diary. Carp, work party's and the Carp Society's 40th Anniversary celebration weekend.

April had been kind to me carp wise, despite the weather being far from ideal with often bright days then frosty nights. I had alternated my angling between 3 different venues which all required a differing type of approach. I had caught from each and ended the month on the ‘Paradise Pit’ where I intended to start May off on.


Shaun Harrison's April 2021 Diary

166065650 290400349116278 3050460170265784039 n Copy

With more waters becoming available after being trapped in lockdown I found myself chomping at the bit to make the most of the seemingly new found freedom.
Here is how I got on through April.

Shaun Harrison's March 2021 Diary

DSC 0108

After finally getting myself back on the bank and having a great result the last day in February, I was all fired up for another go.

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 12 April 2021 | Comments Tags: , , Read the full post

Shaun Harrison February 2021 Blog

31698752 1697260006977564 3352127949103955968 n Copy 2

Finally I have managed to wet a line!

Catch Up Time and Please Phone a Friend

20210210 154245

Catch up time and please check up on your friends. They are perhaps not as strong as you thought they were during these very difficult and isolated times.

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 10 February 2021 | Comments Tags: , , Read the full post

Diary Blog - A Hectic but Kind August

IMG 20200831 074336

July ended and I had to hang the rods up for a short while. My parents who have both entered their 80’s were moving into their new bungalow and with 60 odd years living in the same house, they had naturally accumulated a lot of possessions. It was a big job clearing it and whilst doing so I found several bits of mine from my childhood growing up on Carpfield Avenue (It was actually Carrfield but one of the ‘r’s turned into a ‘p’ at some stage). Thank goodness for the help from my sisters’ side of the family, everyone mixed in without the need for removal companies etc. Between us we managed to get my parents safely into their new home.

I must admit I felt a little ‘out of touch and out of sync’, after only a couple of weeks away. Usually I am noting the weather constantly in the areas I fish and my bait is usually being prepared through the week with liquids starting to be added to boilies on the Tuesday ready for the following week-ends fishing. This time of the year I usually have a small bit of seed or veg’ cooked and added to the main feed too. I have always been in a bit of a routine doing this, just small 5 minute jobs each day but amazingly I found myself running around like a headless chicken with nothing done prior to my next chance to get the rods out, then I remembered a bucket of feed bait in the freezer that had not been used on one trip, problem solved. 

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 8 September 2020 | Comments Tags: , , , Read the full post