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Happy New River Season Everyone!

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 16 June 2011 |

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The rather magical June 16th is finally here again. Very busy with work but I managed to get out for a few hours this morning before the office beckoned.

As usual when I am looking forward to something I was up, dressed and drinking coffee before my alarm clock sounded. Out into the silent world of the early morning I was soon walking across the fields in anticipation of what might be.

I have been feeding the barbel and chub every morning for some time now and the first hand full of bait has heralded an instant reaction from them just like ringing the dinner gong. Imagine my surprise when the first hand full of bait went in and no fish turned up? Usually the chub would hammer the boilies on the drop and I would need to feed those off to get the barbel in on the action. This morning nothing!

I can only presume they weren’t expecting me quite so early in the morning. I sat in the swim for 10 minutes but saw nothing so went ‘a wandering’. The three spots I have been baiting were all devoid of fish yet I have been seeing them every morning.

I started to wander back and spotted 2 chub and a barbel on a tiny gravel run between streamer weed in an area I don’t usually see any fish. Well, it was a start. I cast a free lined lump of Rahja Spice paste moulded around a 10mm boilie upstream of the fish and almost immediately one of the chub bolted for the bait and took it immediately. One cast and a couple of seconds and my first fish of the season was being gently un-hooked and lowered back into the river.

I struggled to find many fish until we got towards the time I had been feeding them and sure enough they turned up in their usual spots. This time I anchored a bait with a lead on a gravel strip slope dropping into the main pool I had been feeding. I watched the paste wrapped boilie flutter into place in the deeper water with my lead and main line out of the way up the slope then sat back well out of the way. Five minutes later the line plucked at my finger and I immediately struck.


Pre work - opening morning.

Chub number 2 was soon on the bank and this heralded the time to leave as the morning dog walkers were starting to appear and not wanting to be seen fishing the stretch I have been feeding I faded away.

Well, not the hoped for opening morning barbel but thoroughly enjoyable all the same and with another 9 months of the season in front of me there is no rush at all.

Hope you all have a great season.

Best fishes


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