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Of frogs and carp

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 13 March 2018 |

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My pool was frozen solid last week

As many of you will know I live my life as close to the outside world as I can and rarely far away from water. As I tap these few words out from my office at home I am around 12 feet away from a shoal of carp that have just enjoyed a meal of Questrami and Rahja Spice which was left over from a quick afternoon session I had on Sunday which saw the first carp of the year from the venue I chose to fish slip up to my methods.

IMG 20180311 151054 650

The frogs were right

It has been a mixed year so far carp wise for me, I started the year really well but was sent out of rhythm with a busy diary carp show wise, a floor having to be replaced at home through dry rot, which then lead to a bit of plastering on the ceiling whilst I had no floor covering, which then lead on to a total re-decorate of my living room. It really has been a frustrating time for me and I can't remember the last time I went 3 weeks without wetting a line. So, getting out for a few hours Sunday afternoon I was really happy to have managed to land the first carp of the year from what can be a tricky venue at this time of the year.

IMG 20180311 152738 278

A leech trying to find a way through the armour

Now I am influenced on venue choice by various means and this last week just as the ‘Beast from the east’ was leaving us in peace, I knew that the carp would be really up for it. So, although I could only spare half a day, rather than 'play safe' and choose a venue where I can usually get an indicator to move, I chose a venue where I have not previously caught carp before April.

So what prompted this choice?

Well, quite simple really. Being so close to a mini natural world all of the time with the natural outdoor life being observed every time I raise my eyes from my computer screen, I couldn’t help but notice and indeed hear the frogs making their way back here to spawn. They have been showing now for the past month or so, from the first lone frog croak in February calling for a friend, to the mass invasion this last week. I love the synchronicity of nature and certainly in the past when the frogs start moving en-masse I know to get the carp rods out and try the slightly trickier cold water venues.

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The frogs never let me down

The frogs never let me down. Nature is a wonderful thing with so much information there on hand if only we open our eyes and minds enough to absorb what we see.

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