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Which Boilie for winter?

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 19 November 2015 |

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Andy Little Copy

Andy Little photographing one of 3 big fish I had that day back in 1990. The bait made all the difference.

It often surprises me the bait choice made by some for the winter months. A lot of baits that are highly effective during the warm water periods of spring, summer and autumn simply do not ooze the same attraction in cold conditions. Cold water affects a lot of baits, sealing in attractors and stimulants that flow freely during the summer. It is little wonder so many seem to struggle to catch winter carp.

With the big drop in temperature forecast for this coming weekend, correct bait choice will be getting really critical and will mean the difference between a long cold struggle for the rest of the winter or a bit of action.

Why risk a lot of possible blanks with baits that may not be totally suitable for cold water fishing?

Cast out a Fruity Trifle Boilie or a Rahja Spice or a Magnum White and you know you are using something that has caught cold water carp consistently from many different countries for many years too, leaving you to sit back with the confidence only to have to think about the location and presentation for those 3 baits will all be easily detectable by the fish and so importantly will be digested easily in cold conditions. This means quite simply that the fish will be ready to eat again much sooner. The more they are feeding, the more chance of action.

So many boilies out there get eaten and then the fish will be several days and sometimes weeks unable to digest them. this is not good for the carp and it's certainly not conducive to decent winter action if they have no need to feed through being full of food they are struggling to digest.

Quite a serious matter, but one so often overlooked.

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Shaun Harrison.

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