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Pre-baiting for barbel and chub

IMG 6951


Hi Shaun,

I fish a small river in Berkshire which holds some very big Chub and Barbel.

Earlier this year I brought several kgs of Rahja Spice 10 mm to feed and some 15 mm as hook baits, I also purchased a few pots of you paste and dip.

The question is Shaun, what is the best way to approach barbel with this type of bait?

I have pre-baited a couple of kilos in three swims, should I be using pellet as well?

One thing I have noticed is the paste is a bit dry, how can i make it a bit more tacky, I think the chub love and just pulling it off how ever i mount it.



River Season Opening Week-end

S1080006 Copy

Well finally I made the drive down to Bristol to meet up with Nige Cobham to celebrate the first week-end of the river season on the Bristol Avon. The invite had originally come five years ago and one thing and another kept seeing it pushed aside, but this year we were both determined to make the trip happen and what better time than the start of the season?

Happy New River Season Everyone!


The rather magical June 16th is finally here again. Very busy with work but I managed to get out for a few hours this morning before the office beckoned.

As usual when I am looking forward to something I was up, dressed and drinking coffee before my alarm clock sounded. Out into the silent world of the early morning I was soon walking across the fields in anticipation of what might be.

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 16 June 2011 | Comments Tags: , , , Read the full post

10 Days to the Glorious 16th

In just 10 days time we can once again wet a line on the vast river system of this country. I for one am thankful we still retain a 3 month close season on our rivers to give both the fish a break and chance to spawn in peace as well as for the river banks to get on with repairing them selves and re-growing foliage.

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 6 June 2011 | Comments Tags: , Read the full post

Now is the time to Explore the Rivers

IMG 24604

What a lovely start to the day that was. It is something I always mean to do but never seem to get around to doing it and that is taking advantage of the close season and walking the river whilst it is particularly low and clear and whilst the fish have got used to being left alone for a while.

I tend to fish the rivers more during the winter period when very little can be seen but believe me a stroll down the river this morning has revealed as much to-day as I would probably learn all winter, plus more.

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 28 April 2011 | Comments Tags: , Read the full post