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Pat Gillet Catch Report

Posted by Pat Gillett on 12 December 2023 |

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Hi Shaun,

Sorry for the late catch report, I was hoping to add a few more captures before sending you this But unfortunately due to the recent record levels of rainfall, my fishing on the Upper Trent has been curtailed for the last 6 weeks or so. I will be getting a ticket on the Severn for the coming year to give myself more options, I know from past experience, that I can still catch on the Severn when the Upper Trent is unfishable,

Anyway enough of my ramblings, I had 9 short afternoon / evening sessions on a couple of different stretches of the Upper Trent (September through to mid October). I blanked twice, but caught on all the other trips. I ended up with 7 barbel, 4 of which were doubles The biggest being a lovely pristine looking fish of 13lb 4oz.

upper13 04


That fish was one of the hardest fighting I can remember, it really beat me up. I also had 4 chub, which included 2 x 5lb plus fish.

upper 11.10


 IMG 0231

Another double

All the fish were caught on the Questrami or Rahja Spice, with the biggest couple of barbel falling to the Rahja Spice. From all accounts the Upper Trent has fished really hard again this season, with a lot a of anglers seemingly giving up with it, so I was more than happy with the results of my few trips. Just need this weather to settle down, so I can get up there again, or on the Dove for some chub fishing.


About the Author: Pat Gillett

pat gillett

I have been fishing since I was 5 years old & up to about 10 years ago I more or less fished for carp throughout the season. However, more recently I have changed my fishing to give me more variety and I believe more of a challenge. I generally fish for carp from March to October (with perhaps the odd large bream session thrown in) and from October onwards my thoughts will move on to the rivers for mainly barbel, but targeting chub or pike if I feel the conditions are too cold for the barbel. The waters I fish vary from a river which is in parts only a rod length wide to a 170 acre reservoir.

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