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Spring Equinox and a change of tactic

Last Spring

With the weekend of the spring equinox approaching, the water temperatures are well and truly rising. Yes, we had a frost overnight here at my Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire border home, but with daylight minutes almost matching the minutes of darkness the underwater world is gradually warming again and so are the carp which means they automatically become much more active. Being cold blooded they are totally driven by water temperature and now it is warming, their metabolism is increasing. More ground covered and more energy used, thus the need to start to hunt out more food than they have needed to these past few months. This is the time of the year my usual winter methods start to make room for my spring approach.


Posted by Shaun Harrison on 15 March 2022 | Comments Tags: , , , , , Read the full post

My Post Spawning Method's

IMG 20210613 135530

Back in the 90's I found a way of catching some difficult carp which were pre-occupied on fish spawn. To this day I have continued to turn back to it at this time of the year simply because it still works and works well.

Shaun Harrison Diary

diaryI stirred from my dream and was vaguely aware that daylight was creeping through my oak blinds. Suddenly, like a child on Christmas morning, I knew that I no longer needed to sleep for this morning was the morning I had waited so long and so patiently for. June the 16th and finally another 9 months of river angling available to me.

A quick wash, kettle on, a couple of slices of bread cut from the home baked loaf and toasted before being smeared with olive spread and Marmite and I was out the door, less than 15 minutes after opening my eyes.

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 16 June 2016 | Comments Tags: , , Read the full post

Paste Baits – slowing the dissolve rate.

large paste

I received a email yesterday asking if there was any way of slowing down the dissolve rate of our boilie matching paste baits.

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 25 November 2015 | Comments Tags: , Read the full post