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Shaun Harrison Another 'Catch Up' Blog.

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Well, after a winter on a rather busy water, where I was reluctant to admit to catching much, I must say it is nice to be back on my other waters, where morals are higher and there is less problem with actually admitting to catching the odd one.

Fortunately, most of the winter fish were feeding in the dark, at quite unsocial times, so it was easier to keep quiet about the few captures I had. I showed a mid-30 common as I had been seen playing that one at first light and indeed, it’s difficult to convince people you are never catching anything. Don’t get me wrong, I did struggle a little more than previous winters and felt I was rather unfortunate with the average size of the fish I was catching, but even those, I felt best to simply not mention. This particular venue had backed up my theories I have had for many years. The more bait going in, the worse most lakes fish during the winter. When I practically had it to myself in the colder months, it was much easier to keep them feeding with just a trickle of bait. But, one person feeding the wrong type of winter food and it makes it difficult for all. Unfortunately, carp will eat most things, but with most anglers presuming their bait will be easily digested in cold water, rather than actually knowing. This can lead to long periods with the carp not needing to feed, as their intestine which is much longer than them (they don’t have a stomach), becomes clogged. I make no apologies for writing similar every single year. If just a few more took note, the fishing would be better for all, simply because the carp would be needing to feed more.

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 6 June 2024 | Comments Tags: , , Read the full post

Spring is in the air - everywhere I look around

20230121 091850 Copy

Yes, spring is in the air, everywhere I look around, but winter doesn’t seem to want to let go just yet. I took some days off over Easter, my birthday fell on the eve of Good Friday, so, beings as I try and catch myself a birthday present on my birthday I ventured to my favourite venue, hopefully for ‘a special one’. I caught but failed to catch on my actual birthday. Some of you may want to take note that April 6th is usually a day that the carp really can be stubborn. In all the years I have tried to catch a birthday carp, I only remember twice having a ‘special catch’. One of those was last year which I put down to my father watching over and ‘having a word’ for me. He had passed away just two days before.

November 2022 Diary Catch Up

20221204 074548

October 2022 moved into November and my first weekend of the month I only had the one night to fish as work party duties were calling. I attend a lot of work parties because I’m a member of quite a few waters, some of which it is compulsory to do them, others it is voluntary, but I try and do them whenever possible. Sadly, as always though, it is usually the same old faces and rarely those who do the most moaning about what should or should not be done ever turn up to do their bit.

Anyway, that single night was kind to me with a couple of carp slipping up to my methods which I start tweaking a little more as the water cools and the visibility becomes clearer, but more of which later.

Autumn Baiting

IMG 20221022 184133 066

I have said so often before how much I absolutely love this time of the year, my favourite season by a country mile. The cooling weather for me makes me feel much more comfortable. It suits my grabbed moments of outdoor life between my mostly indoor working life. The fresh feel and smell of the often-damp early morning air, the biting insects are almost none-existent, and my pre-work walks more comfortable with an extra layer on that can be removed if required. As for the fishing, well, so long as I can get on them, I know I can really catch them.  

Winter bait rambling 2022/23

DSC 1893

A question I am asked every year is what bait will I be using this winter?

Although still rather mild out there, I thought I would tap these words out to hopefully get you thinking as well as potentially saving a few more from asking.

Shaun Harrison's July 2022 Diary Blog

Blog Cover

What a month that one was, here in the U.K. Temperatures hit record levels and our ladies football team did so incredibly well in the football. I am sure the whole nation must be so proud of our amazing Lioness’s. I even packed up fishing early to be able to get home to watch them win the final on a proper screen, rather than the telephone screen on the bank. Oh yes, I also caught a load of carp!


Posted by Shaun Harrison on 2 August 2022 | Comments Tags: , , Read the full post

Shaun Harrison's June 2022 Diary Blog


Well, I just seem to have carried on from where I left off in May. Both April and May had been particularly kind to me with some great carp slipping up to my methods.

Shaun Harrison's April 2022 Diary Blog

2022 04 26 1 Copy Copy

Again, it is with very mixed feelings I tap these words out. April saw me with so many different mixed emotions. I had intense sadness, but also lots of pick me ups as well.

Posted by Shaun Harrison on 10 May 2022 | Comments Tags: , , Read the full post

Shaun Harrison's October 2021 Diary

20211010 162221

Storm Barra is kicking off as I sit in my oak clad retreat, tapping these words out whilst reflecting upon my angling leading into this winter. The wind is roaring through the weeping willow that surrounds my hideaway, it is now mostly stripped of leaves, a few succulent ones still hold in there, but the wind is now able to funnel through so much easier than a few weeks back. Storm Arwen removed most of them and what a storm that was. I was out in it under my umbrella for the two days it battered the U.K. I enjoy the forces of nature, it helps to point home just how ferocious mother nature can be and the respect we need to give it. I chose my pitch carefully for Storm Arwen; knowing it was coming I made sure I was out of reach of any potential widow makers. For those of you not familiar with that phrase, it is a name given to trees that are likely to blow down – thus making another widow if some poor soul is unfortunate enough to have a large tree come down on them. Trees are a tad heavy!

I had a close call in the early to mid-80’s when one came down at the side of me one winter night. Since then, I have tried to be extra careful. As it happens, I had a large branch crash down just behind me during Storm Arwen. Had I set up taking advantage of the extra shelter from the mini copse, then it would have hit me. Instead, I had weighed the situation up and set up in the open but as close to the copse of trees for a little protection from the gusts as I dared. It turned out to be one of my better decisions.

As always, I have started off rambling on about things other than I had meant to start off with. Last month’s blog was a catch up of a few months where I had been very much out of action health wise. I ended it at the beginning of October, so that is where this one is going to continue from.


Diary Catch Up Time

2021 11 25

Although I have written blogs and done some magazine work these past few months, I was reminded that I hadn’t looked back through my diary since May. So, I guess time for a catch up and the reason why I have let it slip.